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Ubuntu 7.10 “Geforce2 Go” Blank Screen

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After changing my laptop harddisk into 100GB and 1GB memory, I would like to install Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon as my alternative operating system and my playground to developing PHP application. I have an 2003 Toshiba Laptop Satellite 2430, this laptop integrate Geforce2 GO as it's display adapter.

Ubuntu offer me an proprietary driver which I want to use the 3D feature. Well, I check the option and the download begin. After restarting, then I found blank screen and I just could press Power button to shutdown Ubuntu. This thing make me confused, I was using Ubuntu Edgy for almost 1 year (I was uninstall about 2 months ago because I need space for Windows XP when developing ASP.NET) and I am trying to resolve my self, then I remember that anything related to graphic I should see xorg.conf located on /etc/X11/. I read the configuration and the display adapter brand is not my adapter.

I read to the top then I found a suggestion that I need to write sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg. If you want to do this just choose recovery mode at Grub selection. You don't to worry about replacing the current configuration because the command making a backup to you.  So, it's ok now because I could post using my Ubuntu 7.10 :).

Hope works to you too. 

  • ubuntu mania, ah really a great job

  • I am not true ubuntu mania lol, but I love Ubuntu with all their attribute such as Code of Conduct.

  • Well…
    Alhamdulillah in my PC, Ubuntu 7.10 installation was really smooth, and the Compiz Fussion 3D desktop that embeded in Ubuntu 7.10 works very well.

    I’m using AMD 64bit and ATI’s VGA.

  • Wow, you use Ubuntu too? That’s great!. I want to use 3D desktop but the proprietary driver isn’t working.