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Indonesian BlogEngine.NET User Group

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is blog engine based on ASP.NET which mainly use C# as the default language. In time to time I aknowledge that BlogEngine.Net Indonesia users is increasing. The reasons may vary according to BlogEngine.Net users, I choose BlogEngine.Net because I want to learn C# deeper. BlogEngine.Net developers are very well coder and have broaden view in establishing relases. Commercially, BlogEngine.Net could be a powerfull simple Content Management System this was said by Ahmad Masykur, the well known coder in Indonesia, in INDC mailing list.

I have small statistic about the Indonesian BlogEngine.Net users, but I want to unified and introduce my fellow friends who use BlogEngine.NET, they’re :

If you’re Indonesian BlogEngine.Net user please reunite :). I wish the best for you all!. If you want to use BlogEngine.Net you could use ASP.NET Hosting, I host my own site in Erudeye and satisfied with the hosting service.


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Hey, how are you buddy? 

Alright, you may asked where my last post entries. It's already gone and I remake all site aspects, rethinking what I should do to with my website and matter of life. I had few response in any tutorial in Bahasa Indonesia. I will post in English but regarding to basic matter about development, I will try to post in Bahasa Indonesia. is still on development when I am free to do so, especially at night. The website is still beta or maybe alpha. The Themes not finished, particulary the images and some CSS tuning. I add interactive functions in website such as shoutbox provided by shoutmix, so you could shout in my own website. 

I am trying to finish the themes since I need to make adaption … if you considering this is not ready, you could come back later to get updated.