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Exporting Comments to Disqus on WordPress

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I was wondering how to export my website comments into Disqus. It’s very easy to move all comments to Disqus because they already made a plugin to help WordPress users to move existing comments into their system. Before using Disqus WordPress Plugin, you need to sign up to disqus to get API (Application Programming Interface) Key.

If you already have Disqus API Key. You need to download Disqus Comment System plugin from WordPress plugin repository or direct download from your WordPress Admin interface. After installation, you’ll find Disqus Plugin menu under Comments section then you can start exporting existing comments to Disqus by pressing Export Comments. You could manage comments on Disqus inside WordPress Admin, they give an iframe interface to their site.

The good thing from Disqus Plugin is Sync Comments feature which allowing you to sync between Disqus and WordPress built-in comment system. So, in next feature you’re able to retrieve comments for a post. Another point that makes me want to use Disqus is their system could help me in combating spam comments.

  • Ya!I am totally agree with this sweet feedback on exporting comments to disqus on wordpres.

  • Oh nice! I love using disqus for commenting. The best feature I like with Disqus is that it automatically saves your comments in many different sites.

  • It’s very comfortable and simple system, I like to use it)) Disqus now is a leader in the world, it’s perfect as for me)

  • Ya!I am totally agree to read this well feedback.This is fantastic. This has been my biggest frustration since switching to Disqus  my authors no longer have any idea when anybody comments on their posts.

  • Thanks for the tip! Now i can switch to Disqus without losing all the comments on my other blogs.

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  • Dikti15

    how to use this plugin, please tell me how use it. Btw your article is good.

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    I am totally agree with this sweet feedback.I think Disqus comments are “nofollowed”. I’m not sure if this is good or bad. I did have comments “dofollowed” and the amount of spam I had to deal with increased significantly.

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