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How to Install DD-WRT firmware on TP-LINK WR741ND V4

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DD-WRT is Linux-based firmware for several wireless routers and can be replaced to several routers on the market. TP-LINK WR741ND is a wireless router from TP-LINK and the wireless antenna could be detached which allowing user replace it to other antenna.

There’s nothing wrong to the official firmware but we can replace it with DD-WRT to utilize the hardware maybe some freedom. There’s risks to flashing non-official firmware to a device such as void product warranty, brick your device, and you may can’t revert.

Before you continue, please note that this article is based on personal experience which may not working to you. Whatever you do to your TP-Link WR741ND is at your own risk.

Getting the DD-WRT firmware

Let’s start by getting our resources before we could start to flashing DD-WRT firmware into WR71ND.

DD-WRT Website

Go to DD-WRT website and it will show you a welcome page. We need to make sure if our device is supported, so go click to Router Database.

Choose Correct Firmware

We found that our TP-Link WR741 v4 is supported and we need to click it to get more information.

Download DD-WRT Firmware

Now, download all files to our computer and save it into a folder. We will use webflash image for first installation file because this is the first time we’re flashing the DD-WRT firmware to TP-Link WR741ND.

Prepare TP-Link WR741ND for Installation

We should prepare the wireless router to make our installation could going smoothly. You could use any browser because WR741ND could work in any modern browser but it’s recommended to use Microsoft Internet Explorer. This installation will use Mozilla Firefox 21.0.

Because we are going to upload a file to router, we must use cable connection for installation process in order to minimize interference we don’t want such as disconnection and stability.


If you’re using MAC clone feature, then it’s time to copy the value to notepad. You could write down current settings to notepad if you have another settings like SSID, Wireless Passwords, etc.

Now, it’s time to reset your router. Make sure you’re not doing anything to your router. To reset, there’s to way according to user guide:

  1. Use Factory Defaults function on System Tools > Factory Reset.
  2. Find a paper clip / toothpick and press reset button for five seconds while it’s on.

Please wait until the device to reboot before continue.


After reboot, you may see the wireless still on. So we need to turn off wireless radio and save the configuration to make other users disconnected from the network. Physically pull off all LAN and WAN connection except our computer which doing the installation. You need a reboot to make it effective.

DD-WRT Firmware Installation

It’s time for action. We will use web GUI for firmware upgrade.


Browse to your file and select factory-to-ddwrt.bin. Press upgrade and confirm the upgrade. Wait until all process finished.


Now the upgrade process is done.

Accessing DD-WRT for first time

TP-Link WR741ND default address is We can’t access it anymore because DD-WRT use as default address. Type the default address on your browser to access DD-WRT GUI.


There you go. Now, it’s time to change Router’s username and password.


This is the screenshot of flashed TP-LINK WR741ND v4. We’re done the DD-WRT installation into TP-LINK WR741ND.

  • Agustin Gonzalez

    Hello, ive already done all these steps, but im trying to setup a repeater with the same model router, could you maybe do a tutorial on that ? id appreciate it considering i havent found any guides on how to set that up.

    • Hi! I have no experience to setup a repeater using DD-WRT but you should check WDS function in Wireless Sub Menu, it should bridge among AP devices.

  • Alex

    Hello! Tell me pls, after flashing this firmware, can I setup multiple SSID ?

    • Yes, you can. You need to setup virtual wlan interface.

  • lukas

    i did all steps and after finishing it i cant get to DD-WRT adress what now ? i cant change my wifi settings …

    • It should display a web gui when you accessing the IP.

      Are you using LAN Cable to flash the firmware and accessing

      What hardware version do you use? please check this URL to find your h/w version. This
      article was written for V4 only.

      Other resource is trying Reset and Reboot 30/30/30 techniques in this following URL

      • lukas

        i cant acces the web gui:/ i need to set my wifi security :/ yes , i did step after step ,,, my version is 741ndv4

        • Hi Lukas. I don’t know what happened to your device but I am trying to help you out. Check your router indicator also, are the indicator lights on. Please check your LAN cable should be plugged on YELLOW one :).

          Now, please check your PC IP Address on your network property. If you had any static configuration, please remove it first. Let DHCP offer IP to your PC. Do you get something like 192.168.1.x ? If yes, then DHCP is working well. If DHCP give you different address like 192.168.0.x, then try to access to gateway such as

          Try PING to from your PC, Which one do you get, Destination Not Reachable or Request Time Out?

          The last resort after previous check is failed. make your PC IP address as static like / netmask / gateway, and try to ping again.

          If it’s still don’t work you should post your problem on dd-wrt forum. Maybe they can help you out.

  • Javier Wonka

    Hi Dityo, I’ve a little confusion when you said:
    “Now, download all files to our computer and save it into a folder. We will use webflash image for first installation file because this is the first time we’re flashing the DD-WRT firmware to TP-Link WR741ND.”

    But in your example of DD-WRT Firmware Installation you say and show:
    Browse to your file and select factory-to-ddwrt.bin.

    What file should I use? the file tl-wr741ndv4-webflash.bin or the file factory-to-ddwrt.bin?

    Thanks in advance,
    Marcelo from Argentina.

    • Hi Javier,

      Good question. Maybe I should gives quotes to “WebFlash image for first installation”.

      For a first-time flash, you *must* use “factory-to-ddwrt.bin”.

      After you have successfully flashing the router, wait for a minutes or two. Give a room to your router to initiate NVRAM,

      To check if your router is ready or not, just PING from your computer to DD-WRT default IP address,, until you got response from your router.

      ping -t

      Then you could access the web gui. Good Luck.

      • Javier Wonka

        Thank you so much Dityo, you have been very clear and specific!
        I will make you know how the process finished with my router.

        • Javier Wonka

          I installed without any problem, thanks a lot!

          • Great! Glad to hear it. Sorry for late reply. 🙂

      • Platmanny

        Hey there Dityo! I flashed my TP-Link 740N v1, which uses the same file, factory-to-ddwrt.bin, as the 741N v4. Both models are the same. Everything went just as you described on here, no problem!

        When DD-WRT has an update flash in the future, which .bin will I need to download? The tl-wr741ndv4-webflash.bin or again the factory-to-ddwrt.bin? There are usually 2 or 3 .bin files to choose from after finding the downloads for this router.

        • Hi Platmanny.

          The factory-to-ddwrt.bin file should be use only once when you’re flashing from Factory to DDWRT.

          If you want to reflash/update dd-wrt, use tl-wr741ndv4-webflash.bin or firmware update file provided by DD-WRT to your device model.

          The other file bin is for revert from DD-WRT to stock/factory.

          Just be careful though, ask the forum or read the documentation before doing something to avoid bricking your device.

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  • Andri Setiabudi Gunawidjaja

    Hallo mas Dityo.
    saya mau tanya, kelebihan dari pake firmware DD-WRT ini apa ya mas?

    saya barusan upgrade ke DD-WRT dan saat saya coba setup, saya merasa bingung. soalnya ga sesimple firmware default TPLinknya.

    ada bberapa pertanyaan:
    1. bisa gak firmwarenya di balikin ke firmware TP link semula? klo bisa mohon tutornya mas.
    2. kalau saat di firmware tp link, saya pilih quick setup dan router mendeteksi Dynamic IP untuk sambungan modem DSL saya, klo di DD-WRT ini saya harus pilih yg mana?
    3. Setiap saya apply changes di DD-WRT ini, selalu langsung DC, dan susah untuk masuk ke IP router itu lagi. sehingga harus reset router untuk bisa akses routernya. ada cara khusus kah?
    4. setelah pake DD-WRT ini lampu indikator ga berfungsi normal. seperti contoh indikator LAN/Client ga nyala, tapi tetap tersambung statusnya. apa memang seperti itu?
    5. Saat download Firmware ada 3 file yang di download. 1 sudah di pakai untuk upgrade, lalu 2 file lagi untuk apa??

    Terima Kasih mas. dengan sangat saya mohon balasannya. 😀

    • Hallo mas Andri,

      Kelebihannya memakai DD-WRT, kita bisa memaksimalkan fungsi AP Router hampir seperti router kelas profesional. Memang harus belajar untuk mengoperasikan DD-WRT. 🙂

      1. Bisa Saran saya mendingan balikin lagi ke TP-LINK pakai webrevert yang sudah di download sebelumnya, tutorialnya ini

      2. Setup > WAN Setup > Connection Type -> Automatic
      3. Coba untuk setup ip statis di komputer yang digunakan untuk setup, pakai kabel LAN ya. Jangan lupa set gatewaynya dan dnsnya ke
      4. Iya memang ada defect untuk router WR741N, harus pakai yang masih alpha. Tapi saya sarankan balik ke tp-link aja
      5. Yang webrevert untuk balik ke firmwarenya tp-link, yang satu lagi untuk upgrade kalau sebelumnya sudah pakai DD-WRT.

      di WR741ND v4 wirelessnya tidak stabil pas pakai DD-WRT, sering putus. Saya sendiri sudah tidak pakai router ini karena sudah pakai mikrotik, lebih powerfull untuk kebutuhan saya.

      Selamat ngoprek 🙂

  • Mas Dityo, saya sudah berhasil update. Tapi agak kesulitan melakukan seting secara manual. saya ingin jaringan yang terhubung ke router ini menggunakan ip mas. masalahnya Jaringan Internet (menggunakan kabel rj45) menggunakan ip dengan gatewar Ketika kabel ini saya sambungkan ke port wan, saya tidak bisa akses ke (dd-wrt interface)…terima kasih

    • Halo Mas Arifin,

      Port WAN hanya digunakan untuk internet, tidak akan bisa akses ke dd-wrt interface apabila tidak diset akses dari WAN. Ada di Administration -> Management -> Remote Access.

      Saran saya, gunakan port LAN nya untuk akses interface admin, ubah IP LAN nya, supaya tidak bentrok dengan WAN. Dokumentasi DD-WRT cukup jelas untuk pengubahan IP lokal 🙂

      • terima kasih replynya mas, dari awal saya sudah gunakan port LAN buat akses interface dd-wrt nya mas. kemudian IP untuk lan sudah saya set ke, IP di laptop saya set ke otomatis mas. sebelum saya tancapkan kabel internet ke WAn Port saya masih bisa akses ke dd-wrt. tapi begitu kabel internet saya tancapkan ke port WAN, IP laptop dan komputer lainnya berubah sesuai IP kabel internetnya (192.168.1.XXX), kalau sudah seperti itu saya tidak bisa akses lagi ke dd-wrt kecuali IP laptop saya set ke static ( terima kasih.

        • WAN nya di colok ke port biru dan LAN nya di port kuning kan?

          Coba di cek setting DHCP servernya, ubah jadi DHCP server dan masukkan range IP DHCP untuk .Kemudian, aktifkan DHCP-Authoritative.

          • iya mas, sudah bener seperti itu. DHCP servernya sudah aktif, range – 200. setting lain2nya tidak saya apa2kan mas kecuali ip router sy set ke dan wifi security sy kasih password. internetnya ndak ada masalah mas…cuman ya itu sy tidak bisa akses ke interface dd-wrtnya, kecuali sy set ip laptop ke baru bisa akses ke dd-wrt tapi sy tidak bisa konek ke internet….makasih

          • Susah juga analisanya mas, nggak ada gambar. Tapi bayangannya saya 192.168.1.x itu modem, 192.168.0.x itu router dd-wrt ke dua. Coba mas lihat pada saat akses ke internet, mas dapat IP berapa.

            DD-WRT WANnya diset dynamic ip kalau ambil internet dari modem 192.168.1.x, nanti WANnya dapat

            Jadi nantinya tidak bentrok IPnya, Gambarannya seperti ini:

   (modem) 192,168.1.2 (dd-wrt wan), setelah itu set router IP DD-WRT lompatannya akan seperti ini kalau dari client


            Ketika bisa akses inet, bisa dicek pakai tracert kalau pakai windows. contoh


          • waktu bisa akses inet dan saya tracert, ip dd-wrt nya ndak ada mas, langsung ip public, bahkan nya juga ndak ada. o iya mas, saya mau tanya…port wan di dd-wrtnya namanya apa ya. misal ath0–>wi-fi, eth1–>port rj45. masih ada port eth0 dan br0. posisi sekarang port wan sy disable. soalnya kalau di enable (di set dynamic or static) tidak bisa konek inet kecuali port wan saya assign ke br0 (pada setting network)…

          • Untuk WAN saya tidak tahu aliasnya, dulu saya ada eth0 dan br0 juga. Saya juga tidak bisa akses internet kalau tidak pakai bridge.

            Saya mengalami kendala intermittent untuk wireless, untuk itu saya revert ke semula dan dijadikan router cadangan, akhirnya saya beli mikrotik hehehe.

          • hehehehe….ya udah mas. yang penting bisa nyambung internet, tujuan utamanya kan itu. kalau mau akses dd-wrt tinggal ganti ip aja…repot dikit ndak papa..makasih banyak Mas Dityo…

  • Silvester Adi

    Sekarang sudah ga bisa ya kang? Saya sudah ikuti semua instruksinya lho. Tapi hasilnya begini mulu

    • Terima kasih sudah mengunjungi situs ini. Ada beberapa hal yang ingin saya sampaikan:

      1) Coba check versi hardwarenya dulu apakah WR741ND yang v1.x/v2.x atau v4.x. Pastikan firmware dd-wrt yang ditujukan untuk versi hardware bersangkutan. Artikel ini hanya membahas V4 walaupun di kolom komentar ada yang berhasil dengan v1.x/v2.x.

      2) Ada istilah vendor lock, nah ini saya tidak bahas karena cukup rumit/riskan dan ada kecenderungan brick kalau tidak hati – hati. Mas bisa pelajari sendiri dengan mencari error code 18005 di google.

      3) Kalau dari pengalaman pada saat artikel ini dibuat, saya upgrade firmware original tp-link hingga versi paling muktahir, setelah itu baru saya ganti firmwarenya dengan dd-wrt. Tapi ini tidak menjamin ya karena saya dengar tp-link sudah memberlakukan vendor lock di awal 2016.

      Maaf, saya tidak bisa membantu banyak untuk proses ganti firmware dengan kendala vendor lock. Saya juga sudah tidak memiliki router jenis ini. Salam.

  • mahdi

    hi i cant install dd-wrt on tplink i havent ap no ip no wireless please help me