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My Favorite Web Editor

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I love hand code but I need powerfull and flexible IDE (Integrated Development Environment). I search on google and I found good IDE for my self. The software is PSPad editor. PSPad editor is free and you could it for your commercial project.

PSPad have powerfull scripting engine which allow us to create our own menu and functions for our dialy job. The scripting engine use VBScript and JScript. You could the most comfortable scripting language for your own to expand the PSPad functionality. Integrated FTP client help me to edit my files on the web.

This site template created on PSPad. Why I choose PSPad? the reason is I don’t want extra huge mega size application and memory eater. It’s light and fast. PSPad still have limitation in threading and you could fell it when trying accessing to FTP server using the internal FTP client. I wish PSPad team will provide the source.

Want to try it? go to and install in your computer. It’s awesome editor, many PHP developer use this tool.

Happy Programming