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My exprience using SubText Blog

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You may wonder why I use ASP.NET based blog. I was give reason in Bahasa Indonesia. I am pretty happy to use SubText but several limitation on my hosting and also it's functionality makes me grin. Maybe some of you often read my journal and found that my journal have fatal error. This is happen because the captcha engine needs Full Trust security permission and my web hosting doesn't allow me to override the settings. This would happen when someone sending a new comments, the comments has been saved and I already receive their comments.

Maybe you have same experience like me, the only thing I do is, rename the web.config and visiting my website. The cache of compiled code will be refreshening and renaming back the web.config to it's original state. This is very simple solution and I do this for several time in past months. I am trying dasBlog but I don't like to save my jorunal's entry in XML file. I just want to use database to save my entries.

I was successfully creating my own theme and integrating to SubText engine. The problem is, when I upload using FTP Client, the subtext engine will blow and show an amazing error that makes me busy for one hours. The solution is I access the file from my favorite PHP editor called PSPad which have it's built-in FTP application and edit it directly.

Now, about the feature. I found really confusing feature, the one is Posts and another is Articles which is have same function? so why the creator create Articles feature that I never use for ages!. Some of feature is not yet finished and still on development. I am eager to wait the new version, I hope they will create a hosting friendly engine especially for cheap hosting which restrict bunch of ASP.NET great feature.

Other feature that missed to introduce is to re-stamp the date of entries. So, when I hide an entry and publish it for next day, it will gone into place where's it's shouldn't. I couldn't preview on the fly, so many typo are created and I hate FCKEditor so much because it size and very slow to load. Why don't use lighther WYISYG web editor? or at least give options for subtext fans. The last one is they don't use Wilco Syntax Highlight, to make my life easier when showing ASP/PHP/HTML/CSS code to my reader.

I am sure they would be release new version shortly. I am happy to use SubText with it's limitation.

So, start to use SubText :D. It will make your days fun, because you will find many problems arise and give you a chance to troubleshoot ASP.NET problems. C ya, dude!

ASP.NET, it’s Perfomance and JavaScript

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When creating a solution with ASP.NET we should shift our mind. Most of the component make our life easier, I bit supprise when a developer don’t know SqlObjectDataSource / ObjectDataSource, which a valuable component that should be use when you’re going to ASP.NET 2.0.

The presentation is presentation layer, why don’t keep it that way?. I am not hardcore programmer like the mighty C++ programmer whom able to program in unmanaged code / MFC. Those people are top notch even compare to Java programmer. I am positioning my self as practitioner programmer, most of my time just think the logic not how to manage memory and use threading especially working in ASP.NET or PHP environment.

HTTP is stateless, is still stateless and that’s the beauty of HTTP. ASP.NET save the state using their own method like VIEW STATE which enlarge the HTML output. If you’re great developer you won’t think to much how to get rid of VIEW STATE since it’s very usefull in ASP.NET 2.0, why don’t make a setup to the and make something called Compression being enabled?. It cost less and efficient. OSI layer must keep in our mind as we move on to Web programming, Web Server have big influences to Web.

Okay, I just want to share that I get bit confused when mixing non ASP control a.k.a HTML form component like <input> to be JS controller for other ASP control. Hell, if you working with non MASTER PAGE (this ASP.NET 2.0 feature), you will be happy ever after. You know that ASP.NET would render all Response.Write BEFORE touching the component, it’s beyond of Page_Load Event and PostBack. Okay, I give you an example :

<Asp:textbox id=”textboxUser” runat=”server”/> <input type=”button” name=”xyz” onclick=”ShowUserName(‘textboxUser’)” />

Let’s pretend that we use Master Page. Okay we have code in Javascript (we use IE) :

<script type=”text/javascript”>

function ShowUserName(controller) {

var obj = document.getElementById(controller);



You will get error … yes, you will get error!. Why? because we using MasterPage, so the real ID is not textBoxUser but ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_textBoxUser. You could specify it manually, like :

<Asp:textbox id=”textboxUser” runat=”server”/> <input type=”button” name=”xyz” onclick=”ShowUserName(‘ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_textboxUser’)” />

but, this isn’t good because sometime you want rename the ContentPlaceHolder1 into ContentPlaceHolderXYZ, then you will get crash. You know what will be happen next, you must rewrite ALL control ID in your onclick event. There’s some elegant way, and you won’t deal with Response.Write(). You could use <%= textboxUser.ClientID %> and we need to add this to our input button onclick event :

<Asp:textbox id=”textboxUser” runat=”server”/> <input type=”button” name=”xyz” onclick=”ShowUserName(‘<%= textboxUser.ClientID %>’)” />

and you’re done. So, if you bos doesn’t like postback and I don’t know why they think postback will be happen when OnClientClick is rendered as OnClick at the browser which doesn’t create a postback, and love to use the hardway. Please don’t hesitate to show up your self to you bos that you could done a wrecking ASP.NET 2.0 fundamental.

Don’t think that Ajax will create a “Wow” functional experience, it could wreck. If you’re running business a dollar means a lot, you should see this page AJAX will help user, but for high transaction business, leave it to HTML Form, using PostBack will save your day. I will be safer, traditional is old-school but safer!.

Happy hacking the ASP.NET 2.0 and wait a second, you will go to ASP.NET 3.5. Tell your mate at your IT/IS Solution company who love DataList  especially in Indonesia to begin learning about GridView and the DataSources component. ASP.NET is growing. And tell them not to use CodeSmith which is confusing, because they never write the code and force them to use ObjectDataSource which built-in in your Visual Studio 2005. I recommend SubSonic rather than CodeSmith as DAL.

How to check your Windows Live Mail using Thunderbird

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Mozilla Thunderbird is an amazing email client. I love to keep my email messages at one place and staying away from application which need installation when I must reinstall my Windows. I found Thunderbird portable to solve the problem and the best part of being portable is we could install it on an USB thumb-drive.

I want to access my Hotmail Windows Live Mail with an email client. Microsoft recently release an beta version of Windows Live Mail email client, and it didn’t work at all. Okay, I must open an internet browser and checking my email.

Fortunately, Thunderbird have an extension which called WebMail extension. It help users to accessing famous webbased email provider like Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL, Lycos, and many more. You could check whether if your web-based email provider also supported by this extension.

The installation is pretty easy. I assume you don’t have Thunderbird, please do this step :

  1. Download Mozilla ThunderBird Portable
  2. Download WebMail Extension
  3. Download Hotmail extension or othe optional extension.
  4. Install Mozilla ThunderBird Portable
  5. Installing WebMail Extension and restart
    To install WebMail Extension, you must open Thunderbird and point to tools > add ons > install. Then select your .xpi file which you had downloaded from Webmail Extension site.
  6. Installing Hotmail Extension and restart.
    Do the same method with previous point to install Hotmail Extension. This will help you downloading your email on Windows Live Mail.
  7. Back to Addons menu / windows, then check all required port by the Web Mail extension
  8. Setting up your web-based account on Mozilla Thunderbird.
    The steps would be same with creating new account for POP3 or IMAP account and you must specify username with full email address. On the first window you must select Web Mail as your choice to access your email.
  9. Configure your Hotmail Extension to support Windows Live
    Check Windows Live as your carrier, if you don’t do this mostly you will failed to fetch email from your Hotmail Account.
  10. Getting your web-based email messages and Enjoy!

You will ask, where the screenshot?. The screenshot crashing my blog engine … hahaha. Really!