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My exprience using SubText Blog

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You may wonder why I use ASP.NET based blog. I was give reason in Bahasa Indonesia. I am pretty happy to use SubText but several limitation on my hosting and also it's functionality makes me grin. Maybe some of you often read my journal and found that my journal have fatal error. This is happen because the captcha engine needs Full Trust security permission and my web hosting doesn't allow me to override the settings. This would happen when someone sending a new comments, the comments has been saved and I already receive their comments.

Maybe you have same experience like me, the only thing I do is, rename the web.config and visiting my website. The cache of compiled code will be refreshening and renaming back the web.config to it's original state. This is very simple solution and I do this for several time in past months. I am trying dasBlog but I don't like to save my jorunal's entry in XML file. I just want to use database to save my entries.

I was successfully creating my own theme and integrating to SubText engine. The problem is, when I upload using FTP Client, the subtext engine will blow and show an amazing error that makes me busy for one hours. The solution is I access the file from my favorite PHP editor called PSPad which have it's built-in FTP application and edit it directly.

Now, about the feature. I found really confusing feature, the one is Posts and another is Articles which is have same function? so why the creator create Articles feature that I never use for ages!. Some of feature is not yet finished and still on development. I am eager to wait the new version, I hope they will create a hosting friendly engine especially for cheap hosting which restrict bunch of ASP.NET great feature.

Other feature that missed to introduce is to re-stamp the date of entries. So, when I hide an entry and publish it for next day, it will gone into place where's it's shouldn't. I couldn't preview on the fly, so many typo are created and I hate FCKEditor so much because it size and very slow to load. Why don't use lighther WYISYG web editor? or at least give options for subtext fans. The last one is they don't use Wilco Syntax Highlight, to make my life easier when showing ASP/PHP/HTML/CSS code to my reader.

I am sure they would be release new version shortly. I am happy to use SubText with it's limitation.

So, start to use SubText :D. It will make your days fun, because you will find many problems arise and give you a chance to troubleshoot ASP.NET problems. C ya, dude!