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Greener Hosting, Data Center and Computer

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BlogAction day held today 15 October 2007. I would like to share about greener hosting and data center infrastructure. We use internet almost everday for any purposes, work, chat, browse, and any activities we want. Web 2.0 hype make community and social website become booming and often visited by many visitor in the world. We know that the services have infrastructure to support the business line. Internet was live in a computer, computer needs electriciy and big giga company needs Air Cooler / Air conditioning (A/C) to make sure the server is always cool and generate more income to them. If we use green technology like Solar power  to generate electricity and non-CFC A/C to cooling servers that would save our enviroment from damage and global warming. There's thousand of infrastructure still run with convensional / industrial era.

We could also help to support green enviroment from our home. If we don't use our computer or laptop, just make it stand-by or power if off. We helping electric supplier company to reduce emission if they still use Diesel Generator. We could buy more enviroment friendly equipment like using recharge-able batteries to reduce waste. Many thing we could do to save our enviroment and prevent Global Warming.

I just move my hosting and replace my subText blog with BlogEngine.Net. I am suprise that my new hosting using enviroment friendly data center, called evoswitch, you could go to their website to get information about how they use green technology. My new hosting is Erudeye and the platform they offer is Windows and support ASP.NET 2.0 with affordable cost especially for Indonesia. Give it try if you want to host your ASP.NET website / webapplication.

Be Greener 🙂