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Ubuntu 7.10 “Geforce2 Go” Blank Screen

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After changing my laptop harddisk into 100GB and 1GB memory, I would like to install Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon as my alternative operating system and my playground to developing PHP application. I have an 2003 Toshiba Laptop Satellite 2430, this laptop integrate Geforce2 GO as it's display adapter.

Ubuntu offer me an proprietary driver which I want to use the 3D feature. Well, I check the option and the download begin. After restarting, then I found blank screen and I just could press Power button to shutdown Ubuntu. This thing make me confused, I was using Ubuntu Edgy for almost 1 year (I was uninstall about 2 months ago because I need space for Windows XP when developing ASP.NET) and I am trying to resolve my self, then I remember that anything related to graphic I should see xorg.conf located on /etc/X11/. I read the configuration and the display adapter brand is not my adapter.

I read to the top then I found a suggestion that I need to write sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg. If you want to do this just choose recovery mode at Grub selection. You don't to worry about replacing the current configuration because the command making a backup to you.  So, it's ok now because I could post using my Ubuntu 7.10 :).

Hope works to you too.