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Freelance and Enterprenuer

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In my journey I've been felt so amusing with all management and business stuff. I try to find any source what definition could represent me as individual who involved in Information Solutions. The story is not so simple, the journey began when I was college student. I always pick economic simulation games as my main genre and wasting my leasuire time instead of learning in field. This a bit personal.

I was active student in Accounting Faculty and then I decide to move to another university and taking Computer Science faculty. During the transition I work as part-time trainer in Sony Ericsson Indonesia to markets their new product SE T68i. I learn marketing knowledge there and meet many people which creating a great network. Often, this could be opposite to my dialy activity who always in front of computer and researching something. The journey is begin here.

Gaining information about business, I saw how Sony Ericsson Indonesia and it's partner work very hard to achieve the target. It's very amazing experience working with them. I work as front-end trainer and found new kind of client everyday with different behavior and thoughts. The character of users are different, I found a customer who only handle the T68i without asking in 1 hour, she looks confused but she afraid to ask. So firmly I ask to her "May I help you, madam?" and she smile, and the feeling in my heart is so overwhelming. "How I could use this mobile phone, sir?" she said. I am bit suprise, in 1 hour she don't know how to operate the T68i and I help her along the way. The impact is big enough, she bought one!. I learn that we should approach, respect and educate client.

After 2 year working, SE Indonesia needs refreshment in their trainer line. They inform me 5 months before my last exhibition, and I thinking hard what I could sell from my self. A girlfriend is the best support at the moment, she encourage me to enter my hobby as my source of income. I was 19 years old to start a freelance career. I am trying my opportunity in many place, and a start up company ask me to join them as freelance programmer. I take the chance to gain more experience either in technology and business.

The very different ecosystem 

I found that freelance programmer have orientation to done the task not the business, I am free from business and have responsibility to obey my upline command. After the graduation I work as Full-time employee for about 6 months in a firm owned by ex-Microsoft Indonesia Director, Richard Kartawijaya, and I found similarity between freelance, part-time, and full-time employee. The similarity I found :

  • Day-to-Day Work
  • Work for business
  • Organization structure (freelance is seemless)
  • Free from any responsibility to build business plan, investing, feasibilty analysis, etc
  • You have boss

The enterprenuer is very different creature and have different mindset, I learn from many books that Enterprenuer are :

  • Have Business Plan (even the simple one that we wrote on word processor)
  • Feasibility analysis is required
  • Have an electronic library of contract, agreement, and supported document (SDLC for example)
  • Have different cashflow between his personal and business account
  • Build network and partnership (example, going to a cafe like StarBuck, Dunkin Donut)
  • Usually the person having Strong Character (I found in most my friend and collague who build business)
  • They attend motivation, management, and business related seminar
  • They believe that business supporting the work, giving solution with comprehensif education and knowledge to their customer regardless to technical requirement
  • Must have vision, mission, and strategy

Being Enterprenuer is not nightmare but we trying to step our foot to great path which involving human relationship and managing our life. Being optimist is one requirement to be an enterprenuer, we see something from different perspective. I admit that not many person could do this, but I could see their thought are relatively different from common people. Much of passion, much of strong will, and trying to find the most effective and effecient to deliver / deploy product.

This two kind have advantage and disadvantage related to financial matter. The distinction between this two kind of world only could be felt by ourselves and must be guided by many resource like books and discussion. I know that the transition from intraprenuer (employee / freelance) to be enterprenuer is quite difficult and needs time.

I am not geek enough and love to create relationship beyond a community but to many communities, and I want something that represent my self.

Have a nice day.