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BlogTV : New Way to Blog and Chat

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I was accidently read an advertisment in google adsense that new social services just launched it called BlogTV. The BlogTV still in beta phase but has giving awesome experience to rest of people. The community growing fast, most of the users are from United State of America, Canada, United Kingdom, dan other countries. I has been testing the service about a week ago.

I getting intouch with a friend from UK, we just know each other at his show. I trying to be a co-host with my first web camera lol and it running smooth. Okay, when on BlogtV we will see 2 boxes, one for the host and another is for co-host. It also contain a chat box for people who want to chat with them or each other. It's like an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) but with value added service, the live web cam is the greatest feature that offered by BlogTV.

I found some intresting moment when a live show is going on because they don't know where is Jakarta and ofcourse Indonesia. Wow, that very amazing that our country is not well known. Okay, now about the connection speed. We will have big lag when we talking real-time with the cam, I am on 768Kbps cable connection and still lagging. I don't know why this is happen, is it from BlogTV itself, the broadcaster, or my connection.

If you want to try new experience in chatting without hassle just try BlogTV. Maybe, someday we will had one in Indonesia with IIX (Indonesia internet exchange) as the backbone.

Happy trying!