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What should you do to start a business?

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I was read a book about starting a business, this book was written by Australian's writer. I am trying to find the book but it must be hidden in my bookshelf, so I don't know the exact title and writer. I also read about entreprenuership in book published by University of Indonesia which contains a lot of information you need to understand what the different between entreprenuer and entreprenuership.

Okay, I was wonder to own a business. In this case I would build a web consultant which already rolling called Dint Projekt. Did you know that Dint Projekt was my music nickname when I creating Trance music? and people exactly know what is dint as abbrevation to my full name. It's not acctually, it derived from English which means Power. The Projekt was derived from German word as subtitute from Project because there's already a band using Dint Project which found accidently when I looking for domain names, to avoid the clash I choose the German which inspired by perfect product from German.

Why I choose such uniqe name (some of people tell this wierd)? because we have ideology to giving some noticable result, like Design company or community are looking unique name to keep them remembered. So, I choose this name as our business.

What do next? the logo and the color of the business, we must give our business some character. We choose green and it's gradient as our basic color. Why green? green is very down to earth color. I've done what's next?.

The Tag Line, this also called as motto. Acctually, the best motto is derived from vision and mission of a business, which the tag line is summary of vision and mission. You done in making a business aknowledgement and you're ready to print some namecards to market your business, this is necessary if your business is on servicing business.

Marketing is important for our business for example telling your family & friends about your new business, they will know that when they or their friends need service like we offer then they will call us. If you meet your new friend don't forget give your collateral marketing tools, your name card.

Business plan is recommended but it become mandatory if you want to loan some cash from bank or other finance institution. Try write some, you will find dozen of Business Plan example over the net and if you on the bookstore try to look one. Exit strategy is recommended.

Business is like jet coaster, up and down, it's thrilling. You need motivation somehow which you can get from your family & friends, radio talk show, community with same vision, seminar, and so on so forth. This only a small part to contribute to your own business and this could not be applied of some business also.

Good luck and success for your business!