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Bypass Zango

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Zango is a software that need to be download onto your computer. Zango detected as an AdWare / SpyWare by Avast! Antivirus and could be your own antivirus software. Many people fell unpleasant by Zango behavior on their system, including my self. It ruins my “clean” and “stable” Windows XP and forced me to reinstall the Windows.

You may find many trick to bypass or cheating Zango detection. I have my own too. I don’t give you hard setting and confused setting. You just need to install one of these browser:

Both of these browser are using same Engine, the webkit. If you’re using Konqueror the condition may be applied too.

If you think that Mozilla Firefox is the coolest and safest browser on Windows planet, RETHINK!. Hahaha … [Apple]Webkit is the coolest yet safest already hahaha. How silly I am :D.

Try another browser, don’t be eaten by marketing frenzy and have a nice day! LOL

New Browser : Google Chrome

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Did you know that Google releasing their own browser? Google Chrome is simple internet browser. I like the intuitive User Interface of Chrome. I am curious to know the engine beneath the browser and I type this about: (include the double colon) and it show me this

Google Chrome

It build with AppleWebKit. When I run it, It does have same atmosphere like Apple Safari but with sleek blue color. Wanna try?

Cool Software Installed In My PC

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I am ordinary person like you are. Sometimes I need software that could help me more efficient, effective and secure in dialy job at home. I have no time to make screenshot of these fabolous freeware or open-source software.

  1. Portable Mozilla Thunderbird
    You may ask why being portable? I have reason to use Portable version of Mozilla Thunderbird. I always reinstall my Windows XP once per 3 months. I don’t want to backup my emails before reinstalling Windows.
  2. Taskbar Shuffle
    I need to open many applications at once. Somehow I want to move my PHP Editor near Internet Explorer, the original taskbar not allowing us to move the application arrangement as we wish. Gladly, Taskbar Shuffle not hacking the taskbar it self. You may try this cool software if you rearrange application in your taskbar
  3. VirtualBox
    I love linux distributions too. Virtualization is a way to try new release of a Operating System without playing with real partitions. It also help me to test my application in different environment.
  4. CamStudio
    Do you want to record your screen? try this is one and upload your video to youtube. 🙂
  5. Screengrab! (a firefox extension)
    Get your web screenshot, usefull for presentation or user manual. Forget to use Print Screen button and no need to rejoin them in Image Processor like Adobe Photoshop or Gimp.
  6. Notepad++
    Notepad replacement with enormous features. Very fast.
  7. VirtuaWin
    In linux we are allowed to have many workspace but Windows XP doesn’t. This software will give you a chance to try multiple workspace / desktop in one monitor.
  8. WordWeb
    I often read and write in English. I need online dictionary, so I could search a word faster. The fabolous of WordWeb is real-time integration for most application, when your press CTRL+W, Word Web window will show …
  9. Free Download Manager or Orbit
    I installing 2 download manager on my PC. I like Free Download Manager as much as Orbit. Orbit have powerfull video downloader application called GrabPro.
  10. Pidgin
    I hate Yahoo! Messanger because it eat memory a lot. I have several instant message accounts like MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, and GTalk. So, it help me to stay low in memory while all my friends list could contact me, no matter the IM provider are.
  11. Gadwin Printscreen
    Get your desktop screenshot
  12. Avast
    Free realtime protection for home user and very light. Indonesian people try to switch to another Anti Virus beside Norton and Mcafee, I don’t recommend this two bloated AV software for your PC.
  13. Spyware Terminator
    Free spyware protection if you want to.
  14. The Font Thing
    Classic application for managing fonts. I have a lot of free fonts and sometimes I want to install to my system, in another time I want to uninstall fonts. The Font Thing help me to do that. By the way, The Font Thing is fast application in its kind.
  15. FileZilla FTP Client
    Transfering your file by FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Easy to use and very handy.
  16. Virtual CloneDrive or MagicDisc
    Mounting an ISO file into virtual DVD/CD rom. MagicDisc handle more format than CloneDrive does. You could suit on your own needs.

That’s it. I hope you enjoy my list as Joe User. Don’t be mad when I give negative review for a software because I see a software like most people while using application.

Have a good day.


Google Knol Launched

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Google launched they new service called Knol yesterday. You could visit and use your Google account to login. I reviewed knol for several minutes and you will be suprise by Knol design which is very plain.

Knol was planned to compete with Wikipedia. You need to try by yourself and you will know is Knol compete Wikipedia? or make that kind of service better?.

OpenSUSE 10.3 with Toshiba Satellite 2430 Geforce4 420 GO

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I have 5 years old laptop, Toshiba Satellite 2430, equiped with Geforce4 420 Go. OpenSUSE could detect most device on my laptop and that's why I choose OpenSUSE as my Linux Distribution. Okay, most problem arise when we want to install NVIDIA driver and replacing the nv driver. You may know sax2 to configure your xorg.conf. I found that sax2 makes headache for this kind of laptop. You may meets these condition:

  • One click install from OpenSUSE need newer Kernel-Source which very big
  • GDM Screen goes blank when you're succesfully installed from One click install
  • You would need legacy nvidia driver if you choose to use hard way
  • if you're using the hardway by installing Nvidia driver, you need sax2 -r -m 0=nvidia which lead to blank screen for long time

I was confused and find the way that should be done to achive best perfomance of my Nvidia GPU. You would need makes you OpenSUSE dirty and probably you would reinstalled the OpenSUSE after succesfully installing the nvidia legacy driver.

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