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I am moving my journal into specific subdomain since web.config has some disadvantages for multiple application in one host. So I move it into new directory and isolate the BlogEngine.Net application.

Google trying to crawling, I wish it not take too long, so my content could be available for public. My new theme seems creating confusion, maybe I should back to pastel colors … hahaha.

Speculative Work

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Speculative work
a.k.a spec work is a terminology in working area especially for freelancer. Speculative work is a situation where we do some task / job without getting paid by client. Most of case happen when a filthy client want full cover demo from design to working application without paying a single sen, next time they will be reuse the demo to be outsourced to cheaper consultant / developed using developer's demo.

Software, Design, and any other logical material such as web design and layout is developer / designer idea. Like I was said in my last previous post about The Freelance and Entrepreneur Challenge which I was wrote about sell something that does not exist in real world. We can see and fell but we can't touch.

Lately, Shane and Peter blog posted about Jonathan's book cover contest. When I revisit the site I really shock that the contest is discontinues. What happen? I thought this begin from FreelanceSwitch comments.

Why this could be happen? Many freelance doesn't have any risk management and they think everything must be generating money. Entrepreneur does have risk management and also have one basic principal that doesn't exist in Freelance mode, which is Leadership. Entrepreneur comes from satisfaction and constantly updating their behavior to adapt any situation that they would be faced.

In this case, I have point of view. Competition is competition. Period. If we looking money, we could go to any website that provide projects list. If we looking for fun then don't expect money and leave the "exploitation" word behind. I called this as self-approvement.

Spec work not only happens in Indonesia but also happen abroad. I really shock that negative comments also happen outside the country about competition. In my conclusion, we do have same situation in business wherever we live.

Be wise. 

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 for Developer

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Microsoft announce their new browser version that is IE 8. I succesfully installed this new browser into my Windows XP Professional. I am quite amaze with the clean look of IE 8 which derived from Windows Vista, very clean and slick look. There's load of tools for web developer / designer in IE 8, amazing. You don't need IE Developer Toolbar or in Firefox you would recognize the same tools called FireBug. You could download in microsoft IE 8 website.

Time to test, dude. Okay, my new theme need some test to do and which passed IE 7, FF 2 (build 12), and Opera 9.26. I start to test with IE 8 and the result is picture below plus the screenshot of IE 8. Yeah, rock on buddy and see the big mess of my design. This is pretty cool since the IE 8 implement the standard. I had fixed this problem for the navigation and searching button. on ie 8

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Change Theme

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I naming this theme as nchaos. This theme inspired from Elliot Jay Stocks website and this theme was completly designed from scratch. I love the dark theme of his site which pretty cool. I open the graphic editor and exploit everything inside it into chaos and you shall see the background right now. This site use PNG extensively and I am sure that Internet Explorer 6 users would be mad with the graphic. I would fix this around but the cost billed to JavaScript.

The BlogEngine also getting hack by me because the post navigation text often too long. If you thought that this site is represent me then it should. Hahahaha. This themeis true opposite with my last theme and that's why the tag also change "Living in Chaos" not "Living in Harmony". Buwahahaha.

I don't need permalink and other Blogger stuff. I remove it at first time but I consider the comments still exists to makes my visitor able to interact with the article that I wrote. Enjoy the site.

Does it look like Web 2.0 design? I hope not!