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Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 for Developer

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Microsoft announce their new browser version that is IE 8. I succesfully installed this new browser into my Windows XP Professional. I am quite amaze with the clean look of IE 8 which derived from Windows Vista, very clean and slick look. There's load of tools for web developer / designer in IE 8, amazing. You don't need IE Developer Toolbar or in Firefox you would recognize the same tools called FireBug. You could download in microsoft IE 8 website.

Time to test, dude. Okay, my new theme need some test to do and which passed IE 7, FF 2 (build 12), and Opera 9.26. I start to test with IE 8 and the result is picture below plus the screenshot of IE 8. Yeah, rock on buddy and see the big mess of my design. This is pretty cool since the IE 8 implement the standard. I had fixed this problem for the navigation and searching button. on ie 8

IE 8 Beta 1 for Developer is not intended for dialy use. I will give you reasons why you shouldn't install with your working browser :

  1. CPU HOG
    IE 8 will eat your processor resource to 95% and  you will suffer if you visitng full javascript website. TinyMCE which built in on BlogEngine also working very slow to this new breed version of IE. 
  2. Unstable
    If you use emulate IE 7 on IE 8 you will get crash

If you do install the IE 8 then it's at your own risk and have fun. IE 8 have many improvement.

Web Application Developer Sections Only!

I warn you that this section is my point of view directed to fellow web application developer. 

I will honest that FireFox is true sucker for web based report printing. IE 7 is the best tool for your client to use Web Based report printing. Repetitive table header for report handled correcty by Internet Explorer 7. You chould chop up like paging in the site. CSS printing and Table working well in Internet Explorer, Microsoft have same promise to deliver it best product in web based printing. Internet Explorer 8 do better for pagination in web reports which involved border in some application.

You should visit Internet Explorer 8 Readiness Toolkit for futher information about new feature and implementation according to standard.