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The meaning of Freelance

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Yesterday, I was come to a CRM consultant company. I am talking the principal about job offering, I said to him that I work as freelance. I don't why we come to discussion about freelance job. In his mind freelance is about free to work everywhere. This is good term and it the exact meaning being Freelance. Freelance option was offered, I get it, I take it because I've no duty to work at office but every task must me done.

Freelance is not partime job, it's a job. Fulltime freelance is more correct, someway the freelancer would be an entrepreneur. The scope is work of entrepreneur is about management and understand about their business. Let me emphasis this: Freelance is not Parttime nor fulltime onsite. I don't know why the meaning here become interchange or maybe interconnected each other.

I have some experience that one of my outsorcer wants me to be on client about 2 – 6 hours. What? he said that in his fulltime job, he do that. Mayday, mayday, houston we need help. How could compare a freelancer with fulltimer who works 8 hours and maybe continuing with overtime work. Freelance do have many clients and no clients is the biggest, no clients is prioritize by money, but by task and duty.

If I were strict I would add my hours rate to outsourcer and if it the overhead cost over than contract value then any freelancer would add an extra cost. Freelance work by hours, not by day. Parttimer do work by day.

Please, please, to my fellow freelancer friend. This thing must be stop right away, be a professional freelancer and try to avoid onsite work. Freelancer had many clients and it should be like that. We should fix this, I hope freelance community in Indonesia would help the freelancer away from onsite job. This is not good practice, if they do that they become a doll. Before doing job, state that you wouldn't in site more than 2 hours. Your other clients is await you with hope.

Good Luck.

The Best PHP Framework (for me)

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I am PHP programmer since 2003. I do master PHP in 4 years, exactly in 2007. hahaha … be master 24 hours? you can if you're amazing genius. In one day you just could understand several languange component. Back to topic, what is the best php framework?

I trying dozens of PHP framework like Prado, Code Igniter, Symfony. Zend Framework, CakePHP, Seagull, Arkeous, Solar, P4A, WACT, Adroit, Qcodo, and so on so forth … this is amazing, everyone wants to create a Framework in PHP. The most overrated promotion is the MVC (Modal View Controller), MVC is about architecture. You must imagine, where you should put the Modal, View, and Controller. Connect it together using classes and display it by View. After that you will be introduced with Plug-in, Library, and Helper. Don't forget the core class of each PHP Framework.

PHP is not event driven language, the nature of PHP is the best feature that used by developers expansively. The PHP and ASP had same style, ASP.NET is different. ASP do had Class like PHP. I mastering ASP since 1998.

The good reason to have framework, you had a bunch of library that could be used on the projects, but agains don't take much hope because you need to learn. The footprint of most PHP Framework is huge. I really consider to project size, the bigger means more complicated. The smaller means simplicity could be achieved without degrading the power of the application.

I try one by one, use it and I get the best PHP framework that I really recommended to use but you need to learn to use it. It makes you head dizzy with the concation in object since PHP use -> as the operator. The lack of polymorphism in PHP method does give impact to the PHP Framework, since you can't do this

 class Test
   function __constructor() {}
   function __constructor($param1) { }
   function __constructor($param1, $param2) { }

Okay, the best Framework are (yes, they are) PRADO and Code Igniter … 🙂

Why? you might ask, PRADO use amazing concept derived from ASP.NET architecture. They work like charm, but the authorization modules is a true nightmare. Event Driven, Code Behind concept, and many features that nearly same experience like ASP.NET does. The theme module is cool, you put all css and js then PRADO will do the rest, no single code you need to write in application to load the css and js location.

Code Igniter have small footprint around 900kb, compare to others, CI is the winner for MVC fight. I like the MVC of CI since the documentation is easy to follow and understand. Ofcourse typography has some role to make documentation is easy to read. The lack are they don't support authorization or ACL internally, need hard way to make a master template (you need to write a class and make it hard to trace), you will confused to put your CSS, JavaScript, and all supporting materials.

Wanna try more? I bet you won't. Find the perfect PHP Framework to you, I never found the perfect one but nearly perfect like PRADO and Code Igniter. The disadvantage is one, you may forget how to access a database using mysql_ native command in PHP. hahaha.

I hope I could introduce how to setup this things. I am finding time to create heavy weight tutorial.

Project’s Hassles: To Fellow Freelancer

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I do mistake like many people and I won't you have same mistake with me. There's alot IS (Information System) projects in this world. You could involved as many projects as you wish and make sum of money from your works. Somehow, you would found some projects that hassles. Don't make your head dizzy with uncomforted felling. I found that we should avoid marketing language like "Yes, We Can" but the conditions are not supporting the statement.

Many developer like me, felling so wrong when in the middle of projects which contains politics which come from many source, not just from clients but also outsourcer. The good and understanding clients and outsourcer population are numerous. You would find one or two troubled partner / clients every 10 clients. So, how to avoid it? I would give you some of my freelance experience.

These are my lists :

  1. Ask them the underlaying platform which regularly use as server. They owned one or not? is the server contains virus or not? is the network system is work fine? check anything you could ask.
  2. If you need continuing previous developer work, don't too fast to give positive answer to them. Ask them to see the source before you begin, if the application confidential and many not be spread then read on the spot. If you fell uncertain then STOP! and said that you won't do it. You show them a good willing to know the problem, if you can't handle just say to them. If they force, put the project value at higher rate, maybe about 300% higher from project value at minimum. If you felt that you could done it, then take it and ignore the rules.
  3. Say to them: "I won't my work is unrealible and fragile". Why? we must do the analysis and the rest of system development life-cycle to ensure the credibility of our works. If the time is tight, you have 2 choices; First option, reject immediately. Second option, your marketing and sales speeches.
  4. Charge some additional cost for maintenance, when you need to do it. Don't make clients thinks it cheap, because we need transporation and they need to appreciate our work. This problems existed in our beloved country and make other developers struggle to offering the cheapest, yet low quality solution. This also applicable to list #1, if you're asked to reinstall the system.
  5. Clearify the payment method and process. Protect your code as you wish and crippling the functions in time basis.
  6. If they much complaining then you must see the list #3. Development needs sense of time.
  7. Make a contract, save yourself.
  8. Avoid back to back payment, avoid this one. This should the list #0 but I am learning to count numbers.
  9. Call your reliable developer friend to help out, it would cost you but it could save you from nightmare.
  10. If they are outsourcer, just trying to held a discussion before doing the project. Don't forget the list #7.

I wish you could save yourself from unfinished work and continuing previous developer work. I call my self as "dishwasher developer" or "tukang cuci piring" in Bahasa Indonesia. I found many troubled customize application and some of it become complicated, I found an undone application doing by previous developer, I take the project without further thinking and I want to release my self from it but I need to make it done. Do you want to help? contact me. An accounting application is based on mambo (laugh out loud if you can) and the outsourcer want to use it (now laugh it louder) and clients get a headache because of this. Have you ever heard an accounting application build over a MAMBO CMS? This is not wise to say, but the previous developer is opportunist without thinking the impact of their program to the clients.

To offer good solution, I reengineering the previous work by using ASP.NET. You need to know that you must not deal with this kind of developer, lack of understanding of the information system. And must importantly don't be part of it, take the developer who have good understanding in computing. Freelancer you need to pretend as System Analyst too, if you had to do a project.

Good Luck and stay away from troubles!. website update

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I was planning to update my personal main site,, to be more web 2.0 design. Yet, I never found the specification about Web 2.0 design. I do following the public hype to join the massive trend of webdesign,  otherwise it would like pre-internet website design. is actually the embrio of Dint Projekt, so I decide to make it behalf of Dint Projekt excluding the journal. The process take about a week on ASPX platform, no CMS involved and code writing from scratch with help from ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit and VistaIcon. The philosophy of the website is very simple, my wife and I loves brown. The site still is beta phase before it would be state as stable website. Cool languages … lol.

My Journal still not affecting the main site, since it would be a natural opinion from ordinary human, that's why the design wouldn't change but maybe would change in the future. If you want to make a website, I will glad to help you. Yeah, promotion and advertisment. hehehe …

Like one of JunkieXL song titled X-Panding Limits … turn the music on. 🙂