My digital scrapbook website update

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I was planning to update my personal main site,, to be more web 2.0 design. Yet, I never found the specification about Web 2.0 design. I do following the public hype to join the massive trend of webdesign,  otherwise it would like pre-internet website design. is actually the embrio of Dint Projekt, so I decide to make it behalf of Dint Projekt excluding the journal. The process take about a week on ASPX platform, no CMS involved and code writing from scratch with help from ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit and VistaIcon. The philosophy of the website is very simple, my wife and I loves brown. The site still is beta phase before it would be state as stable website. Cool languages … lol.

My Journal still not affecting the main site, since it would be a natural opinion from ordinary human, that's why the design wouldn't change but maybe would change in the future. If you want to make a website, I will glad to help you. Yeah, promotion and advertisment. hehehe …

Like one of JunkieXL song titled X-Panding Limits … turn the music on. 🙂