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The meaning of Freelance

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Yesterday, I was come to a CRM consultant company. I am talking the principal about job offering, I said to him that I work as freelance. I don't why we come to discussion about freelance job. In his mind freelance is about free to work everywhere. This is good term and it the exact meaning being Freelance. Freelance option was offered, I get it, I take it because I've no duty to work at office but every task must me done.

Freelance is not partime job, it's a job. Fulltime freelance is more correct, someway the freelancer would be an entrepreneur. The scope is work of entrepreneur is about management and understand about their business. Let me emphasis this: Freelance is not Parttime nor fulltime onsite. I don't know why the meaning here become interchange or maybe interconnected each other.

I have some experience that one of my outsorcer wants me to be on client about 2 – 6 hours. What? he said that in his fulltime job, he do that. Mayday, mayday, houston we need help. How could compare a freelancer with fulltimer who works 8 hours and maybe continuing with overtime work. Freelance do have many clients and no clients is the biggest, no clients is prioritize by money, but by task and duty.

If I were strict I would add my hours rate to outsourcer and if it the overhead cost over than contract value then any freelancer would add an extra cost. Freelance work by hours, not by day. Parttimer do work by day.

Please, please, to my fellow freelancer friend. This thing must be stop right away, be a professional freelancer and try to avoid onsite work. Freelancer had many clients and it should be like that. We should fix this, I hope freelance community in Indonesia would help the freelancer away from onsite job. This is not good practice, if they do that they become a doll. Before doing job, state that you wouldn't in site more than 2 hours. Your other clients is await you with hope.

Good Luck.