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Indonesian BlogEngine.NET User Group

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is blog engine based on ASP.NET which mainly use C# as the default language. In time to time I aknowledge that BlogEngine.Net Indonesia users is increasing. The reasons may vary according to BlogEngine.Net users, I choose BlogEngine.Net because I want to learn C# deeper. BlogEngine.Net developers are very well coder and have broaden view in establishing relases. Commercially, BlogEngine.Net could be a powerfull simple Content Management System this was said by Ahmad Masykur, the well known coder in Indonesia, in INDC mailing list.

I have small statistic about the Indonesian BlogEngine.Net users, but I want to unified and introduce my fellow friends who use BlogEngine.NET, they’re :

If you’re Indonesian BlogEngine.Net user please reunite :). I wish the best for you all!. If you want to use BlogEngine.Net you could use ASP.NET Hosting, I host my own site in Erudeye and satisfied with the hosting service.


18 responses to “Indonesian BlogEngine.NET User Group”

  1. Agus Suhanto says:

    Thanks brother Nurasto. To match your post’ language, I also use english here.

    Thanks for listing me as one of fellow members of BE.N user. Actually I use the small ‘fork’ of BE.N called MultiLangBlogEngine. It is called like that because it offers multi lingual content.

    I’m glad you have the idea of uniting Indonesian BE.N users. I’d like to join such a user group, if it already exists. For the time being, so far I’ve joined the BE.N CodePlex discussion forum. Here is my CodePlex’s user profile:

    I’ve also published my small ‘fork’ of BE.N I mentioned above in:

    See you,
    Agus Suhanto

  2. Thanks. You can query other Indonesian BlogEngine.NET user using google. &

  3. @Daniel

    @Mas Agus

    Cool, dude. I was downloaded it on codeplex, and wait for time for playing with your code. Nice. Two Thumbs.

    @Mas Ahmad

    Thank you for the query, I will find out more.

  4. paradesain says:

    hi nurasto, im new on .net technology, especially, but i think this script is powerfull, and I will steply migrated into .net.

  5. Tomi Yahya says:

    Hai , thanks to include me in Indonesian BE group. Did you already upgrade to lastest version? BE 1.3 there are security hole.

  6. You welcome. Actually, this post only an idea. Rudy already has initiate to start email among Indonesian people who use BlogEngine. We may to figure it out as a community :), but it’s long way to go isn’t it?

    This site not finish yet, Mas Tomi. When I change my own theme, BE 1.4 was released. I found that the extension has many improvements.

    Locally, I adapting current theme into 1.4.5 and I am looking for best time to play with BE.

  7. Rigodon says:

    Wow! Nice site. Very nice job. Thanks.

  8. Nice job. really nice one.

  9. Belajar SEO says:

    I’d like to use it this engine, sadly, i can’t install it on my webserver 🙁

  10. Susam says:

    Ok, ok me pareci muy bien, gracias chicos.


  11. Thanks for sharing, please keep an update about this info. love to read it more.

  12. Melate says:

    Thanks you for sharing it with us your experience.

  13. i want know more list, thank you

  14. hi thank you for sharing this info.
    im newbie at BlogEngine.Net, hope get usefull info and tutorial joining this user group.

  15. Duh… aku baru aja pengen belajar bahasa #C… mudah2an lancar… 🙂

  16. Salam kenal om,
    Baru tau kalau ini blog punya blogger Indonesia juga 🙂