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Google Knol Launched

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Google launched they new service called Knol yesterday. You could visit and use your Google account to login. I reviewed knol for several minutes and you will be suprise by Knol design which is very plain.

Knol was planned to compete with Wikipedia. You need to try by yourself and you will know is Knol compete Wikipedia? or make that kind of service better?.

OpenSUSE 10.3 with Toshiba Satellite 2430 Geforce4 420 GO

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I have 5 years old laptop, Toshiba Satellite 2430, equiped with Geforce4 420 Go. OpenSUSE could detect most device on my laptop and that's why I choose OpenSUSE as my Linux Distribution. Okay, most problem arise when we want to install NVIDIA driver and replacing the nv driver. You may know sax2 to configure your xorg.conf. I found that sax2 makes headache for this kind of laptop. You may meets these condition:

  • One click install from OpenSUSE need newer Kernel-Source which very big
  • GDM Screen goes blank when you're succesfully installed from One click install
  • You would need legacy nvidia driver if you choose to use hard way
  • if you're using the hardway by installing Nvidia driver, you need sax2 -r -m 0=nvidia which lead to blank screen for long time

I was confused and find the way that should be done to achive best perfomance of my Nvidia GPU. You would need makes you OpenSUSE dirty and probably you would reinstalled the OpenSUSE after succesfully installing the nvidia legacy driver.

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