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Bypass Zango

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Zango is a software that need to be download onto your computer. Zango detected as an AdWare / SpyWare by Avast! Antivirus and could be your own antivirus software. Many people fell unpleasant by Zango behavior on their system, including my self. It ruins my “clean” and “stable” Windows XP and forced me to reinstall the Windows.

You may find many trick to bypass or cheating Zango detection. I have my own too. I don’t give you hard setting and confused setting. You just need to install one of these browser:

Both of these browser are using same Engine, the webkit. If you’re using Konqueror the condition may be applied too.

If you think that Mozilla Firefox is the coolest and safest browser on Windows planet, RETHINK!. Hahaha … [Apple]Webkit is the coolest yet safest already hahaha. How silly I am :D.

Try another browser, don’t be eaten by marketing frenzy and have a nice day! LOL

3 responses to “Bypass Zango”

  1. e-gitarren says:

    I didn’t know that just using Chrome can bypass damn Zango. Till now I’m still using Firefox. Maybe I should rethink my best browser to use.

  2. ianimaru says:

    jadi bener2 RETHINK, pingin pake chrome tapi masih minim bener fiturnya..

  3. spyware says:

    I hate zango. It always interrupt me when I’m browsing a new video website.