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ComboBox vs DropDown

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Web development is challenging subject to learn. One thing that web browser does not providing as built in feature is the great combo box. In this cool era of User eXperience that thing should be available for user and providing programmer with flexible solution rather than playing with javascript.

What is combo box and what important about it?

You may know a component that does exist on desktop programming and that component name is combo box. Combo box gives flexible solution to developer when user are allowed to enter either from available choice or just typing like input box / text box.

This thing always interchangeable with Drop Down box. Drop down box only giving a list to be choose from and user can’t enter any data according their needs. Drop down box is the basic form where a combo box derived from and usually an options already available on particular RAD to be chosen by developer.

So, what can I do?

Nowadays, the only thing I could do is by using javascript and creating cool effect. I wish I had time to developing such code using built in form element that available in most browser, I don’t want to add overhead and costly javascript fx.

If you know already made wheel please kindly let me know :).