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Peugeot 406 1997

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Peugeot 406 1997 is my first european car I ever had. This car actually still up to date with current car technologies and I never get comfort car before. Peugeot 406 has 1998cc engine but the fuel consumption is great about 10 – 12 kilometers per 1 liter which very efficient for 2.0 engine. The manufacturer recommends RON 98 standard but I never find it near Jakarta and greater. The top RON standard I could find in my country is RON 95.

This car was owned by someone who doesn’t even really care with this car, the condition was very concerned. The engine sound was so rough. I am trying to repair every section from this car but yes it would be costly.

The problem I face with this car is the instrument cluster and develop problem with gauge. Sometime odometer works but in other time it won’t. The O2 sensor also making up sometime, the engine lose power and stop suddenly.

I know that owning this car would need extra care since it’s was has not taken care very well and must checking under the bonnet liquids each week to make sure every part working at good condition and right level.

This car quite cheap comparing to japans car like 1995 Toyota Corolla 1.6 SEG. In my country where I lived this car is not common and quite hard to find the spare part.

Luckily, I meet a community who love Peugeot and join the mailing list, many valuable information I could get from there. This car still accompanied me everywhere I go to meet clients and relatives.

The big wish is could restore the car to optimum condition 🙂

ps: This car was the only choice after failing in freelance, sold the old car and here is it.