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Time vs Money

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Time and Money, this two things are too difficult to answer. Most people said that time is money and in equation may like this

Time = Money

Talking about this time and money you will face the condition that none on this world has ceteris paribus principle.

I give you simple facts:

  1. Time ticking based on planet movement with the sun and the moon; while money doesn’t.
  2. Time makes you old while money can’t.
  3. There’s quality time but there’s no quality money.
  4. Time is intangible while money is the opposite.
  5. Time can generate money while money can’t.
  6. Time has no buy back feature while money can.
  7. Time mostly running linear while money always on the loop.
  8. Time is objective while money is subjective.
  9. Time reduce your money value.

Time is not equally to money, but money can save your time and your money. This will not lead to following equation

Time ≠ Money

We do need both, we need time to generate money and money also needs time. That’s what I know and mostly explained on Future Value and Present Value theory. Do you know the equation that I could use for terms “needs”? 🙂