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Show Advertisement in The Middle of WordPress Archive Post

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You want to monetizing your wordpress powered blog and you pick strategic places to put your ads. One of your ads unit place is in the middle of archive posts list and you want to modify your template / theme to accomplish the task.

There’s many way to edit your template but I want to give an example using simple template. The template will contains index.php and style.css which is the basic requirement for creating wordpress theme. If you get the idea, you may applying this technique in any theme.

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Transfer Domain from GoDaddy to Namecheap

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I’ve never been transfer a domain from one registrar to another registrar. This time, I would like to try to transfer one of my domain to be used on a VPS. There’s is no problem with GoDaddy anyway, this is one of my experiment sacrificing my parking domain. Namecheap offering very cheap SSL, so why not give a try since my VPS having dedicated IP.

I am bit worried since this is my first time transferring a domain. Most of time I was using move service on Directi panel and telling to my new domain provider that I push my domain into my domain panel.

I want to share my experience during pre domain transfer process. Maybe could be useful for people who never transfer domain before, just like me.

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Setup 128MB VPS for website using Centos 6

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Installing nginx, php, mysql on Centos 6 is tricky business. Unlike Debian or Ubuntu, some package not available on it’s default repository. I tend to use Centos or Debian as server, but this time I choose to install Centos on my 128MB VPS. My consideration because of OpenVZ which is different from XEN which has it’s own kernel space and iptables. It’s recommended to use same Linux Distro on OpenVZ while XEN you could use any linux flavor regardless the container. Maybe I am out of date about OpenVZ improvement but that’s what I know.

I want to use latest version of LAMP LNMP pack. As we all know, Centos is an enterprise grade linux based operating system which means the updates will not as fast as bleeding edge distro such as Fedora Core. The situation is quite same like Debian vs Ubuntu*. We will use use third party repository to install software we need, so we don’t need to compile every software on production server. I will use EPEL and Remi’s repository in this article.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything happen with your production server/VPS, you may test this article on your VirtualBox before applying into your VPS.

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Pengalaman Pertama dengan Google Adsense

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Suatu waktu, saya berpikir bagaimana caranya mendapatkan Google Adsense (GA)? saya melakukan research kecil untuk mendapatkan akun adsense, sudah sekian kali aplikasi saya ditolak dan akhirnya diterima oleh Google ketika saya sudah pasrah. Tujuan saya cuma satu, mengapa fenomena adsense begitu meluas di Indonesia, bahkan katanya ada yang menghasilkan ribuan dolar.

Dari apa yang saya alami dalam waktu sekitar dua tahun mencoba aplikasi ke Google Adsense ternyata banyak sekali faktor yang mempengaruhi tim Google Adsense untuk menerima aplikasi dan mengijinkannya suatu situs untuk menampilkan iklan. Dengan penuh kesadaran saya memahami maksudnya dan memang mencari konten yang orisinal sesuai standar. Saat ini saya mendengar adanya banned massal terhadap publisher yang kontennya tidak orisinil, saya tidak tahu rumor ini betul atau tidak.

Aplikasi GA saya diterima dengan akun email  Yahoo!, saya terheran – heran dan apa yang saya baca selama ini harus gmail namun yang saya alami lain dari apa yang saya baca. Terus terang, Saya senang sekali aplikasi saya diterima, tentu saja dengan beberapa kali penolakan juga.

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WordPress Post ID Huge Jumps

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I am moving from my previous linux web host to dotNet host which can handle ASP.NET pages. I am surprised the migration is relatively easy and wordpress already support IIS rewrite to maintain permalink.

I was tried to check everything out and found my several latest post get HUGE ID, like this one 4.162.708.458. I never post 4 millions article to my website even combine with my revisions. I don’t remember what the exact error but will cause error as like “You don’t have permission to edit” or some kind like that when trying to edit content. In Linux based machine this won’t lead to any problem anyway.

So, I drill down the data and found out interesting auto increment jump from 210 suddenly jump to that number. I don’t want my next post will have ID in 4.162.708.459. Problematic post ID around 14 posts. So, I need a solution to make my next post will be 225. I am using store procedure to achieve my purpose, I know I can use PHP but mysql SP doesn’t need mysql_connect or mysqli_connect. Let’s see the code.

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