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Transfer Domain from GoDaddy to Namecheap

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I’ve never been transfer a domain from one registrar to another registrar. This time, I would like to try to transfer one of my domain to be used on a VPS. There’s is no problem with GoDaddy anyway, this is one of my experiment sacrificing my parking domain. Namecheap offering very cheap SSL, so why not give a try since my VPS having dedicated IP.

I am bit worried since this is my first time transferring a domain. Most of time I was using move service on Directi panel and telling to my new domain provider that I push my domain into my domain panel.

I want to share my experience during pre domain transfer process. Maybe could be useful for people who never transfer domain before, just like me.

You need to get EPP Code

In GoDaddy domain panel, you will get confused where you could get your EPP code. GoDaddy Authorization Code is your EPP. You could find it under Domain Information, then you will need to press Send by Email link.

Make sure you have white list for support at and wait for moment to receive your EPP code. If you didn’t get the email after 1 day you may doing alternative action.

Go to tools at the main menu and select Exportable Lists, you can create list of your domains there and check Authorization Code. Make sure you select none for format if you want plain CSV file since GZ needs to decompress using 7ZIP or equivalent software. Give reasonable time for GoDaddy system to process your request and will send you notification when its done. Now, you can download CSV file which will contains your domains EPP code.

You need to unlock your domain

Take a look on Domain Information whether your domain still locked, you need to release that lock before you could transfer domain to another registrar. In my case will be NameCheap.

Transfer your domain to Namecheap

Visit NameCheap website and find domain transfer. You will be provided with large text box and type your domain there. You could add EPP code along with your domain, separated by comma. Another way, just put your domain only, you will need to fill your EPP Code when check out.

The next window, namecheap will show you about availability for domain transfer. Domain transfer has some rules to follow such as:

  1. Your domain must be 60 days
  2. Your domain must be unlocked
  3. Your domain administrative must have same address as you transfer. Just don’t change your whois information right before you want to transfer your domain.

Maybe there’s others rules applied. That’s what I know so far.

The payment process will held, I was charged for transfer domain which included the one year domain fee. Well, that’s make a peace of mind.

Next step, new registrar will send you a confirmation and approval email, then you will need 5 days to wait. Some condition may happen during transfer such as old registrar denied the transfer.

The last thing, we wait until transfer process is done.