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Samsung Galaxy Pro B 7510 Review

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In last December, my wife calling me from her office. She told me about gadget exhibition in her office lobby. Honestly, I was not interested at all because there’s no cheap Android phone over there. She called me from her office and she said found Samsung Galaxy Pro for around $120 US. I  thought my wife were joking, the market price is about $250. She explained about year-end sale bargain and only two units remaining. She doesn’t know about normal market price, so I asked her to get that device as soon as possible. Lucky me, I got one and it was the last unit available. She asked me about the market price and she shocked. Yeah, 50% off from market price.

This is my first Android phone and my last phone is Samsung Candy Bar GT-C3010S. I am kinda Samsung mobile fans, it was start when Samsung could understand SMS (text messaging) from Sony Ericsson and Nokia in early days. Nokia SMS format always received as funny text in SE devices.

Well, It’s still Android 2.2 (Froyo) while I heard there’s rumor about Gingerbread upgrade for South East Asian Market. Samsung Galaxy Pro has QWERTY keyboards and touch screen which very suitable for my needs. I still love mechanical keyboard to type text messages, email, etc. Touch screen is still resistive and doesn’t allow multi-touch but have auto-rotation capability.

Samsung B7510 connectivity features are HSDPA, GPS & A-GPS, WIFI 802.11G, and Bluetooth. I found mobile access point feature but have problem activating mobile AP. Camera is OK. Multimedia player working good but bundled earphone is crap compare to my previous phone earphone.

Sudden death is the most problematic issue. I try to sort it out and find out that the problem will raise when problematic software using high resource and wifi is still active. So, when I go to sleep I have to turn off the wifi and using packet data mode. Yahoo! messenger sometime cause problem when my contact send message very fast.

Battery time really scary, it will survive only in one day. I should bring mobile charger to make this device always have enough power. I was trying  to find a way to keep battery from running out; Reduce screen light, use keyboard as much as I can and switch to 2G connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 is good product and really love it. I am hoping that Samsung will release firmware / rom upgrade to Gingerbread for South East Asia region.