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My site got defaced

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This site got defaced and bit suprised with it. I have no idea why those index file could be written in whole directory from the root to sub directories. Restoring this site was tedious task and exhausted. I was looking to suspicious access on my log but didn’t find any unusual activity. I suspect that the attack was done by doing remote access to¬†web folder or they could enter the root of server.

The hosting company website currently down and doesn’t have any information about it. I take a look by searching the twitter and most dotNet-host‘s customer¬†got their site cracked even though no files are gone, they just adding index files to every directory they found. Some of them are struggling to save their domain which a valuable thing in web.

I am now full recovered and moving all my personal website into my another hosting. Unfortunately, I am not taking any screenshot before recovering my website. It was hacked by anonymous. So yeah, anonymous rules.