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Rebirth and GTA for Free

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Everyone loves free stuff especially for games dan multimedia. Some people loves classic software but due to changes to Windows OS and hardware, some of great software in the past can’t work properly but don’t worry, the publisher giving you free download release and you can enjoy it on your PC. The best of all they provided it as full release, so no limited functionality.

I found several games and multimedia which available to download but watch out your internet connection, some of the are big download.


Rebirth is complete package of TB 303, TR 808, and TR 909 simulation made by Propellerhead. In the past Rebirth was one of master art piece in multimedia software. Many software inspired from Rebirth let’s say Hammer Head and the famous FL Studio.

Rebirth sound can be mod, so you change the sound of TR 808 and TR 909 sequencer into another sound by loading mod you had been downloaded.

Download Rebirth from RebirthMuseum

Grand Theft Auto & Grand Theft Auto 2

Respect is everything. The original series of GTA provided by Rockstar to be downloaded by fans. It works for modern hardware but don’t expect good graphic on high resolution compare to nowadays game. These games looks like 2D games but worth to play for hours.

You can mod the game if you want change every detail of the game. You can get it from GTA fans site.

Download Grand Theft Auto from Rockstar Classic

If you wasn’t actively engaged with computer in the 90’s you probably impressed with these software and how good they were made. Kudos to developer.