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Implementing LogMeIn Hamachi on Ubuntu Server

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I have to manage several server in client’s local area network and those server located behind a router. I want a solution to makes those server still accessible from outside without changing any router configuration especially port forwarding. Another problem is when using OpenVPN, it will needs static IP which my client can’t afford and Dynamic IP will confuse me a lot. We could use Dynamic DNS service but it fast solution for multiple server in one Dynamic IP. So, I need VPN solution which is cheap and on demand.

Another day, still trying to find all solutions that possibly answer the problem including using TeamViewer on Ubuntu Server but never succeed because there’s no GUI on the server. Looking forward for the solution on the Google then I found something interesting. LogmeIn offering VPN service without any hassle or complicated configuration called LogMeIn Hamachi. This is what I am looking for and you may too.

Hamachi will allow LAN over the internet which can be used for e-office for managing documents, building game server, accessing remote server by SSH and many more. In this article I will show you what I had been done to establish connection between a server running Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS 64bit and my PC at home running Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) 64bit.


You need a LogMeIn account. It easy traditional 3 step method; sign up, activate, and log in. After those steps you will enter LogMeIn central. They giving free non-commercial use for 5 nodes in a network.

Now you need to add a network, just create a network using unique name.  In the wizard you can choose join requests method, since I want to make my  works easier I was choose “Accept automatically”. Every node will freely join the network but I don’t want them join without any password, so I make every node who want join my hamachi network must provide a password which can be defined on network setup. Anyway, LogMeIn recommends to approve every request or add client manually via web.

After you done, LogMeIn will give your new network with unique id which to be use to connect your node to the network. You need this id to join a network using hamachi.

To be able to connect to Hamachi, you need to download Hamachi client for linux based OS. LogMeIn provide 3 flavour RPM, DEB, and compressed TGZ. They also support 32bit, 64bit, and ARM. Because both system are in 64bit and deb package also provided, I choose to download 64bit DEB package. We download the file on our home directory. Update: Please kindly check the last version of the installer from logmein site and adjust the installer download location.


If your system using 32bit please replace with


Now it’s time to install the Hamachi to our system. Hamachi needs LSB 3.0 to make it work, so we need to download LSB package from ubuntu repo.

sudo apt-get install lsb

Then you will be able to install Hamachi, remember we was downloading the file on our home directory

sudo dpkg -i logmein-hamachi_2.1.0.86-1_amd64.deb

Now, Hamachi installed on our system and we can start to use it. Again, if you have 32 bit please adjust the file with the 32bit one.

Using LogMeIn Hamachi

To make Hamachi as service just type this

sudo service hamachi start

We are not yet connected to Hamachi. We need to make our system connected to Hamachi, set our pc nick and establish with a network.

sudo hamachi login
sudo hamachi set-nick firstpc
sudo hamachi join 123456

Replace firstpc to other name you want and replace 123456 with unique id you got from LogMeIn central under your network profile. At this time, you already connected to a network and a VPN IP will assigned to your PC.  If you want to check what IP is assigned to you just type


Every VPN IP have this ip pattern 5.x.x.x, while x is variable. If you need one more PC to make it works, just do the same steps on another PC. After second PC attached to the network you can run

sudo hamachi list

to retrieve members list on your network. Now, try to ping one PC to another.

You don’t need to make any start up configuration, LogMeIn Hamachi already remembering your configuration, so it will work automatically after reboot.