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How To Show Your Photo on Google Search

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Let me take a guess, you’re looking for tutorial to show your photo on Google Search Result. You may see other blog author photo or my photo on previous search result. How can be done? Well, I was had same question and try to figure how it work.  It’s quite confusing but after few trial, I just get it.

On Google webmaster support’s site; photo in search result defined as Author Information. This Rich Snippet not only for authorship information but there’s a lot  new function utilize micro format or micro data on a web page to show information about it. Google’s Rich Snippet needs good structure data, so make sure your page providing any required information to make rich snippet work, in this case Author Information.

I am trying the write up the requirement and how to make search result for your website with author information. I cope the important step.

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Power Steering Oil Runs Out

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It was ordinary Saturday morning very calm and easy. A routine task to open my Peugeot 406 D8/MK 1 bonnet, seeing if power steering oil still on good level. I was terrifying knowing the container is empty. It was uncomfortable situation, my emotion mixed up and worried about the power steering system.

Power steering is a complicated system on a car, it connects to many parts and most them are ridiculously expensive such as power steering pump and rack pinion. I already know my power steering system have small leaks and I should maintain the oil to good level. I was using STP power steering oil to make up the shortfall. In the night before, I was heard a poping sound. It’s quite common to hear plastic bottles crushed on the road but I didn’t realize that the  hose was poped until I check power steering level.

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