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How To Show Your Photo on Google Search

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Let me take a guess, you’re looking for tutorial to show your photo on Google Search Result. You may see other blog author photo or my photo on previous search result. How can be done? Well, I was had same question and try to figure how it work.  It’s quite confusing but after few trial, I just get it.

On Google webmaster support’s site; photo in search result defined as Author Information. This Rich Snippet not only for authorship information but there’s a lot  new function utilize micro format or micro data on a web page to show information about it. Google’s Rich Snippet needs good structure data, so make sure your page providing any required information to make rich snippet work, in this case Author Information.

I am trying the write up the requirement and how to make search result for your website with author information. I cope the important step.

You need a website

If you already have a website, skip this requirement and  if you haven’t; How on earth you don’t have a website on this millennium? Come on, man.

You need to create Google+ Profile

Yes, in order to show author information in search result you need a Google+ Profile. So, sign up to the service and providing good close up photo. Pick one from your photo library, upload it and make sure you’re smiling and looking happy. OK, I am bit to much about smiling. The most important thing do not upload cartoon picture.

You need to link up your about page and Google+ Profile

You need to add your about page URL to your other profile setting. You need to put exact same URL, if you have about page on this address avoid to enter It slightly no difference but take notice with trailing slash at end, Google interpret it as different URL

On your website, particularly your about page must contain your Google+ link. This is an example to Google+ link from your about page

<a href="" rel="me">My Google+ Profile</a>

Every author link should be directed to your about page. If your link goes to archive list which usually default on WordPress template then it may screw up your author information if you want to display picture for your root URL when your website appear on search result. Just make sure at least one is valid link to your about page. This an example

<a href="" rel="author">About Moi</a>

Recheck with Rich Snippet Testing Tool

Now it’s time to check your configuration on Google Webmaster Rich Snippet Testing Tool. Check any problem and try to fix it. If your problem fixed which showed as green text, just sit back and relax. Google needs time to gather information, I don’t know how long your picture will come up on search result. Mine took about one week, some website are faster or longer. Be patient.