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Power Steering Oil Runs Out

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It was ordinary Saturday morning very calm and easy. A routine task to open my Peugeot 406 D8/MK 1 bonnet, seeing if power steering oil still on good level. I was terrifying knowing the container is empty. It was uncomfortable situation, my emotion mixed up and worried about the power steering system.

Power steering is a complicated system on a car, it connects to many parts and most them are ridiculously expensive such as power steering pump and rack pinion. I already know my power steering system have small leaks and I should maintain the oil to good level. I was using STP power steering oil to make up the shortfall. In the night before, I was heard a poping sound. It’s quite common to hear plastic bottles crushed on the road but I didn’t realize that the  hose was poped until I check power steering level.

I wasn’t lucky on that Saturday morning. I pick up the phone and called nearest Peugeot specialist to fix my car but he asked me to bring my car to his garage and seems his employees been busy to fix other cars on their garage. In the same phone call he explained to me to fill the fluid before starting the engine. Well, I tried his advice to add power steering fluid to the tank until maximum level, because power steering working together with engine, it doesn’t lessen.

So, start the car engine and hear some noise from power steering pump and after a couple of seconds it gone. It may the power steering fluid has been drained, so need times to lubricate the pump again. It’s already noon so I decided to bring my car another day. In next day, I still saw power steering tank is still full and in same level. Well, it makes me confused but I think to fix this problem as soon as possible.

Five kilometers seems forever while driving my car, the steering was heavy and hoping the best. Arrived on garage, mechanics checks the liquid and hose. They found out that the steel hose is broken and must be replaced. Fluid is sprayed from hose and it makes the tank drain. Thankfully the pump is good and have no problem. So, I decided to change steel hose, hi pressure hose and fan belt.

What makes me surprise, all this long I’m using wrong power steering fluid. I never know about it because previous owner doesn’t tell me that it should be Dexron II. Because Dexron II is hard to find then try to substitute with Total ATF Dexron III. I am not too sure but some resources said that Dexron III is backward compatible, so I don’t need to be worried. Now, my power system is better and light.