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Microsoft Windows 8 Pro Review

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I was hate Windows 8 interface because I just look at videos and reviews. So, I am buying one because I want to try it and challenge my negative assumption about Windows 8 especially Metro.  I am hardcore fan of XP interface, Windows 7 and Vista have same experience / interface.

I take a chance to buy Microsoft Windows 8 Pro Upgrade for my laptop because it’s quite affordable or may I say the cheapest price for Windows Operating System line. My colleague said Windows 8 is Windows 7 enhanced but seems it’s not enhanced but different operating system. Why? Windows 8 is like installing fresh operating system but  keep all user document intact.

The first time booting to Windows 8 is great experience, it’s blazing fast. Windows 8 asking to setup my username and password because I already have Hotmail account, I am linking my Windows 8 to my account. It’s quite easy to setup.

The first problem is how can I got to the desktop. Metro didn’t tell me anything or at least give me a tutorial on how to use the interface. So, I am using the old ways. Pressing Windows + D and tada the desktop is appearing.

Now, the second problem how can I call my programs? I didn’t find start button like previous Windows Operating System had. I just randomly moving cursor and I found auto hide button on the right. It’s just need to go the edge of the screen, at last I could find my programs. In the next hours, I have very good shortcut to speed up finding applications, just press Windows + Q. Easy.

That’s very basic task on how to find application. Microsoft seems wants every user utilize Windows key optimally. You can press random letter on your keyboard while pressing Windows button and you’ll find many surprise. The funny thing is when I press CTRL + ALT + Arrows Key, the display is changing. For example when I press Up Arrow key, the display will upside down.

The most thing I hate from Windows 8 is Store application, yeah it’s like Google’s Play Store. Installing new application is tedious task and very confusing. I was trying to install Skype from Store and it was very difficult to understand the workflow. Don’t expect using Internet Explorer is easy when you launched it from Metro. You will get frustrated easily.

The best thing in Windows 8 is the mail application, very comfortable to use. Honestly, I won’t go back to Windows 7 because Windows 8 is comfortable and faster but it lack built-in tutorials.

Overall, Windows 8 is not the most difficult operating system I ever operate. Why? Because I can find applications in ease and use explorer (Windows + E) as usual to find my files.

What is the difficult OS I ever use? OS X is the most difficult operating system I ever use.