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Mochi Media Out Of Service

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One shocking news for me. Mochi Media is out of service on 31 March 2014. I don’t know the real reason why they get out from flash games business. The flash game publisher quite panic when knowing Mochi Media is out of business. There’s a lot flash games under Mochi Media using their API for advertisements, leader boards and scores, which means flash games released under Mochi Media feed will be broken.

Some publishers report they can still run the games without problem but few Mozilla Firefox release will not work. I was missed the deadline to download games from their server and now I am considering to find new alternatives to Mochi Media. I am pretty concern about games licensing because those games was developed by other party. Mochi Media state on their announcement, publisher should contact developer directly if publisher want to host flash game on their games website.

This is sad moment. The most trusted flash game distributor is game over.