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Andyroid, An Android Emulator

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You want Android apps running on your PC? there’s many ways to do so. Some of them using cloud as platform, others using Android SDK as emulator. Android SDK is slow to load which is not efficient for practical person. Putting data on cloud is not reliable on slow connection. Well, there’s already new emulator called Andyroid as an answer for quite fast load and I could use it even when my internet connection is being offline.

Andyroid basically an application layer which make us possible to touch the Android interface. This application rely on VirtualBox, a virtualization software.

So, do you want to install Andryoid? First, you need to check your hardware before installing it. Why? because not every process have virtualization feature. If your processor doesn’t support virtualization then you will get very very sluggish performance and can’t even bare with it.

Computer Memory (RAM) also important to run Andyroid in your PC. You need at least 4GB RAM installed on your computer. Why? because your PC also needs RAM. In technical term, your PC is a host while Android is a guest. If the host have 2 GB and the guest asking 1 GB from the host. What will happen? performance downgrade because the host start to swap to hard disk and it means very slow. Consider the host have 4 GB and the guest asking 1 GB, then your PC still have a room to process/store any other software in memory.

Take a visit to Andyroid Official Website to download the application. You will need good internet bandwidth because current installer doesn’t work offline, they have plan to make offline installer in future release. Have fun!