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There’s no magic on HTML 5

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It’s not rare I found people talking about the magic of HTML 5. HTML is still HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), an hypertext doesn’t have power to create interactivity but more to data. Browser will read HTML file sequentially from top to the bottom and queue any elements like CSS, JavaScript, Images and other multimedia content to download.

In contrast to previous specs, HTML 5 specification facilitate semantic tags. Technical changes specified on that document are more to browser developer. Browsers tends to be permissive to unknown tag, it will degrade gracefully rather than showing errors.

In web developer perspective, we learn the specification and should be not force unnecessary idealism to much except on how the elements should be placed on right place, for example, we shouldn’t put form inside a form. Why? because it state on specification that the form elements can’t be recursive. That kind of idealism should be kept.

Another example, other web developers use header while you are not using it. You are using div tags, with id named header. Wrong? of course not but you’re not utilize the specification to the maximum level. Is it the content will be broken? Well, in short no.

HTML 5 doesn’t give you animation, CSS does. HTML 5 give you canvas place holder but doesn’t give you canvas programming, JavaScript does. Most importantly, HTML 5 doesn’t affect on how you code a web page. It’s still same thing for the last 22 years.