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My 2016 Resolution?

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I would like to say Happy New Year 2016 to everyone. Wishing everyone prosperous journey to come in this year. The year of 2015 has passed by with many stories both good and bad. Back in 205, I had a resolution “A restart” because my life was a miserable and messy for past few years.

In this year, the resolution is “POST & Boot”. In this mean time, I will checking my skills readiness and boot a new start.  I have plan to build a IT solutions company in this year. I will be more focus to entering middle and big organization while keeping the small business as a side job.

In the past, I was freelancer. My old friends and acquaintance still thinks that I am freelancer. In 2015, I am making a restart to be an entrepreneur and learn many ways to achieve that. It wasn’t easy and still in progress. Building a new company in Indonesia is quite tedious task. Indonesia doesn’t have OPC (One Person Company) equivalent like in India or some states in USA, in which the owner own all company shares, the company recognized by law and owner’s responsibility is limited by paid up capital.

I am still doing computer programming because it’s a long-time hobby. My company will focus on data center and IT infrastructure development. Software development still on the list and I am still consider whether the software development service will included as core service in the menu.

I am still looking for a jackpot and very happy working on it. I wish the best for 2016. Happy New Year!