My digital scrapbook domain after 13 years

on under MiscellaneousBe the first to comment domain is the first domain that I have. I take my last name for it and purposed to be a website that could sell my ability in web programming. I got some projects from this website and few projects failed to be delivered. I had no single plan to manage failure and to be honest I were very depressed at that time.

Recent day, I found something called Dunning–Kruger effect and quite sure that I was the victim of that phenomenon. I felt superior and over confident but actually I am overestimating my ability which made me wrote an article about Failure is part of freelance life.

Even in very hard time and keep staying under the radar. I am renewing this domain for few years and without no new content because I am afraid to act more destructive to my self. becoming very dull and virtually dead website. This is the main issue that I want to address.

In the near future, will only deliver English content. Any articles already written in my mother language, Bahasa Indonesia, will still exists. I will update the website design and make it mobile friendly.

It’s time to change and fix the problem. will change it’s purpose from freelancer website to be knowledge sharing website.