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Andyroid, An Android Emulator

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You want Android apps running on your PC? there’s many ways to do so. Some of them using cloud as platform, others using Android SDK as emulator. Android SDK is slow to load which is not efficient for practical person. Putting data on cloud is not reliable on slow connection. Well, there’s already new emulator called Andyroid as an answer for quite fast load and I could use it even when my internet connection is being offline.

Andyroid basically an application layer which make us possible to touch the Android interface. This application rely on VirtualBox, a virtualization software.

So, do you want to install Andryoid? First, you need to check your hardware before installing it. Why? because not every process have virtualization feature. If your processor doesn’t support virtualization then you will get very very sluggish performance and can’t even bare with it.

Computer Memory (RAM) also important to run Andyroid in your PC. You need at least 4GB RAM installed on your computer. Why? because your PC also needs RAM. In technical term, your PC is a host while Android is a guest. If the host have 2 GB and the guest asking 1 GB from the host. What will happen? performance downgrade because the host start to swap to hard disk and it means very slow. Consider the host have 4 GB and the guest asking 1 GB, then your PC still have a room to process/store any other software in memory.

Take a visit to Andyroid Official Website to download the application. You will need good internet bandwidth because current installer doesn’t work offline, they have plan to make offline installer in future release. Have fun!

How to Install DD-WRT firmware on TP-LINK WR741ND V4

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DD-WRT is Linux-based firmware for several wireless routers and can be replaced to several routers on the market. TP-LINK WR741ND is a wireless router from TP-LINK and the wireless antenna could be detached which allowing user replace it to other antenna.

There’s nothing wrong to the official firmware but we can replace it with DD-WRT to utilize the hardware maybe some freedom. There’s risks to flashing non-official firmware to a device such as void product warranty, brick your device, and you may can’t revert.

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Microsoft Windows 8 Pro Review

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I was hate Windows 8 interface because I just look at videos and reviews. So, I am buying one because I want to try it and challenge my negative assumption about Windows 8 especially Metro.  I am hardcore fan of XP interface, Windows 7 and Vista have same experience / interface.

I take a chance to buy Microsoft Windows 8 Pro Upgrade for my laptop because it’s quite affordable or may I say the cheapest price for Windows Operating System line. My colleague said Windows 8 is Windows 7 enhanced but seems it’s not enhanced but different operating system. Why? Windows 8 is like installing fresh operating system but  keep all user document intact.

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Implementing LogMeIn Hamachi on Ubuntu Server

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I have to manage several server in client’s local area network and those server located behind a router. I want a solution to makes those server still accessible from outside without changing any router configuration especially port forwarding. Another problem is when using OpenVPN, it will needs static IP which my client can’t afford and Dynamic IP will confuse me a lot. We could use Dynamic DNS service but it fast solution for multiple server in one Dynamic IP. So, I need VPN solution which is cheap and on demand.

Another day, still trying to find all solutions that possibly answer the problem including using TeamViewer on Ubuntu Server but never succeed because there’s no GUI on the server. Looking forward for the solution on the Google then I found something interesting. LogmeIn offering VPN service without any hassle or complicated configuration called LogMeIn Hamachi. This is what I am looking for and you may too.

Hamachi will allow LAN over the internet which can be used for e-office for managing documents, building game server, accessing remote server by SSH and many more. In this article I will show you what I had been done to establish connection between a server running Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS 64bit and my PC at home running Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) 64bit.

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Bridging TP-LINK TR-WR340G and TR-WR740N

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I bought TR-WR740N,  made by TP – LINK, router and also function as Wireless Access Point to extend my existing access point range which managed by TR-WR340G. I was trying to connect them up or in correct term named bridge. I found none from google explains this up so maybe quite fine to writing about it in this site.

I was almost pulling my hair connecting these two router even in same brand. I want TR-WR740N will be my main router replacing the old WR340G but I face problem to unclear firmware update from TP-Link it self, if you trying to download WR340G firmware you’ll found several firmware for different hardware version and I don’t even know what the correct version of the hardware. It’s say V2.24 but there’s no firmware for v2.24 hardware, how confusing it was. So, I download firmware for V2 hardware since 2 is the major number from versioning and guess what happen next, in the router’s web interface I can see the hardware version overwritten to version 3. Dear God.

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