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Why choose Debian over Ubuntu as a production server

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Linux OS Based distribution is very subjective matter according to personal taste. In most case we are uncertain to choose “right” distribution because there’s pro and cons over the internet. I will cover the reason why choose Debian for a server while it sounded subjective. I am not talking about desktop environment, Ubuntu wins down.

Ubuntu Server is one of several sub distribution from Ubuntu family. It’s easy to use and many people use it as OS for the Server. Debian is Ubuntu ancestor, literally. Debian could be as server OS too and have no distinctive category or purpose, Debian doesn’t have special built distribution for different purposes excluding Live CD. It’s only have one form, Debian Installer. That’s it.

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It’s my time to move from Google services

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I don’t hate them but they are too big and too broaden. Almost of my internet life depends on Google services and in short they have full integrated services but not only stop there, my daily life also depends on their operating system, Android. Google big data have everything what I am doing right now.

In old days I am using several internet service company which is make the internet more joyful. Discovering new thing is very fun and pleasing moment!.

What Google services I am using right now? This is the list :

  1. Android Operating System and all Google applications beneath it.
  2. Google Domain Name Service (DNS)
  3. Google Chrome
  4. Google Search
  5. Google Mail a.k.a GMail
  6. Google Analytics
  7. Google Webmaster
  8. Google Wallet
  9. Google Plus
  10. Google Apps Free for Custom Domain
  11. Google Docs
  12. Google Drive
  13. GTalk a.k.a Hangouts
  14. Google Maps
  15. Youtube
  16. Blogger a.k.a Blogspot
  17. Google AdSense
  18. Google AdWords
  19. Google PageSpeed

You may use Google services more than me. The migration process will be painful and slow in process but it’s time to move on. I will post alternative to Google service next time.

ASP.NET WebForms vs MVC

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Microsoft give ASP.NET developers choice to develop website or web application. This article comparing both in personal perspective, so it will not so technical article, just a personal opinion.

WebForms has been exist more than a decade and personally has been using it since ASP.NET 1.1. WebForms have strong points and weak points, it’s not perfect thing but many application I was made has been deployed run and can be maintain without much hassle.

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Find All Controls ID in ASP.NET WebForms

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Every ASP.NET developer know to find and cast a control but sometimes finding the control name is PITA. I face this kind of problem when still actively programming C# in .NET 2.0 era. So, I have an idea to write junk code in code behind and throw up into output window rather than putting breakpoints and looking for control ID.

private void ControlExplorer(System.Web.UI.ControlCollection control)
	if (control.Count > 0)
		foreach (System.Web.UI.Control currentControl in control)


You can call the method inside an control event, choose the target (e.g wizardForm.Controls) and it will print out everything you want. You’re welcome.

SQL Server Attach Error 5120

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I was trying to attach a mdf file from local backup into Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and I got access denied after clicking OK button. I saw many people was facing this situation. The solution to this problem quite simple, well, at last. ┬áHere’s how:

  1. Run your SQL Server Management as Administration
  2. Use Windows Authentication
  3. Attach your mdf file

I was also trying logged in using SQL Server Authentication but failed. Hopefully, you could then attach your mdf file to SQL Server. Cheers.